Friday, September 16, 2011

Ever Tried Macro Photography

New bud on tree in the spring
If you search the internet, you will see a variety of photography, much of it landscapes or distance shots. I find those photos absolutely stunning, and I always tell myself I am going to focus more on the landscape photography. However, it is the close ups, or “macro photography” that I continue to find myself drawn to. The details in nature drive my passion. It’s where I feel closest to God and it’s where I spend most of my time when I am out photographing this incredible world. Many people believe you need special cameras and lenses for macro shots. Well, it helps but you can start with any decent camera that has a zoom lens. Try experimenting by zooming in close on any flower or leaf. Steady your shot with a tripod. After you have a few shots, download them and look to make sure they are sharp and clear. Is the lighting ok? You may have to work at it a bit and if you find that your camera just will not work, start saving, a little at a time for a nicer camera. You can do research on a decent camera while you are saving. Nikon is my preference but both Nikon and Canon have some affordable SLRs that produce exceptional quality images.

By Teri Kai

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