Thursday, September 8, 2011

Even Monsters Were Babies

Juvenile Alligator at Paynes Prairie
Though I am not really saying an alligator is a monster they do become a large dangerous animal after spending time as a cute little gator. They start out only 10 inches long from snout to tail and can grow to a length of 14.5 feet and weight over  1000 pounds. So when is that line crossed between baby and monster. With animals the second your hand looks like dinner, which is unpredictable. Many of the bad things in life whether lies, temptations, or criminal behavior usually start small and grow into monsters. Don't feed the beast. Fill your life with good and starve the little monsters inside you. Though our personalities and actions are heavily influenced by our environment and genetics we do have free will, and can choose which path we want to start down. Do we want to become man eaters or life savers? Monster or angel?

By Joshua Kirton
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