Saturday, September 3, 2011

Contributing to Picture Our World

Picture our World ( is a picture of the day blog. Anyone who has a good picture can contribute. Each photographer writes their own title and caption describing the photo and what they see (Limit 300 words). A caption is not necessary, but highly suggested. At least a title must be submitted with the photo. If no caption is provided Joshua Kirton will make one up before posting; probably consisting of a spiritual or humorous thought. There is no vulgarity, pornography, or otherwise lewd material allowed. If any such material is submitted, the email address from which it was sent will be sent to spam. The e-mail address to which you can send any pictures you wish to submit is

No compensation is currently offered for your work, and by submitting to the blog you give Joshua Kirton usage, reproduction, and printing rights to the photo and written caption for use on the blog. Additional written permission must be obtained by Joshua Kirton to otherwise use the material submitted. Each photographer retains the copy right to their work.

If you plan on submitting consistently to the blog you may also submit a link to a personal website or blog to be added to the blog page to direct traffic to more of your work. This is only for people who have arranged to do so with Joshua Kirton, and or have submitted 8 or more photos published on the blog.

Your first submission should reflect the theme my world. You are encouraged to ad a watermark, signature, copyright sign, or otherwise signify on the photo that the photo is your work before submitting it. This will help prevent people from stealing your work. Please name the file with a descriptive file name. You are also encouraged to share the blog on facebook, twitter, or other social networking sites to help increase traffic to the site.

All publication is done at the discretion of Joshua Kirton. All opinions contained in posts are those of the writer and not of the owner of the page. By submitting to the blog you agree to these terms and conditions, unless specific agreements are worked out with Joshua Kirton. By submitting you certify all work is your intellectual property and each photographer/ author accepts all legal responsibility for any infringement on the copyrights of others. The owner reserves the right to edit submitted posts for grammar and content. If content is changed, then permission by the owner will be sought by the contributor before publication.

If you know any material on the blog if in violation of copyright laws please contact us. For any questions write to

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