Monday, April 23, 2012

The Capitol Building

The United States Capitol Building Washington D.C.
This is where it all happens. The lies, the half truths, and the purely partisan bickering and fighting about all the issues that don't matter, while we the people face the real issues in our daily life. This is where they legislate away our freedom, while we use the little freedom we have left to try to earn a living for ourselves. The only way for a people to remain free is to demand their freedom from the government. When we surrender out rights and differ thinking to the government we quickly become slaves to those who claim to have a deeper understanding about critical issues, when the truth is they only have a deeper purse when it comes to deciding critical issues. 
Be wary and vigilant, but do not loose hope. I know this was a critical post, lambasting those who govern; however, I am optimistic that if we pay close attention and hold those who are supposed to represent us responsible, that out country can be a land of freedom and prosperity. Think twice about what you hear from any politician, and get the opposing view. Mull it over and make the rational decision, and do not be ruled by the passion of the moment. Allow your sense to feel out the issue and ideas discussed. Rash decisions make for big messes to clean up later. 
Joshua Kirton

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