Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bill and Ted's Red Panda Rave

Red Panda sleeping in a tree at the zoo
Narrator: After BIll and Ted' Excellent Adventure,  and their Bogus Journey they went to the zoo.
Bill: You know Ted I can't think of any reason for a radical red panda, like this one, to be asleep on such a beautiful morning. I guess he had a late night.
Ted: Actually now that I think of it I heard about a red panda at a rave last night on the news. He was going all sorts of crazy. This must be him.
Bill: That crazy party animal. Are you sure he isn't just nocturnal?
Ted: Shshsh let him sleep. He probably has a hangover from last night.
Bill: Are you kidding? He looks most tranquil. I'm going to poke him.
Ted: Dude that is nuts. He will chew your finger off.
Bill: Dude! I'll wear a glove.
Ted: Dude!. Why did you bring a baseball glove to the zoo?
Bill: I thought I might want to catch an animal.
Ted: Ohhh. That makes sense... Careful!... Careful!...
Bill: POKE!
Red Panda: Can't you see I'm sleeping here! Get out of here before I claw your eyes out! I was up all night dancing! Let me SLEEP!
Ted: Dude! It is him!
Bill: Hey you want to go out with us tonight to pick up some babes?
Red Panda: Are you still here? I thought I told you to go away.
Ted: Come on most excellent red panda!
Red Panda: I warning you go back to your phone booth and keep you trap shut so I can sleep.
Ted: Whoa! Narly. I think he is serous.
Bill: I'm going to poke him again... POKE!
Narrator: After a long surgery doctors were able to reattach Bill's face, and after all of the physical therapy he has been able to walk again.
Ted: What kind of adventure should we have today?
Bill: Let's see if that Red Panda guy wants to party again.

This picture was taken at Utah Hogle Zoo. For more info on red pandas and the probability of them attending a rave click here.

By Joshua Kirton
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