Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Add a Signature to a Photo.

Putting a signature bloc on your photography is a must if you are going to put it on the internet. If you want any kind of credit for your work you to keep honest those who do not want to pay or acknowledge others. You will find your work all over the internet, without and credit if you leave this step out. You can use this as a good way to advertise as well, as your photos proliferate. Just remember to put it in a place that will ruin the photo if it is edited or cropped out. The are many programs that will facilitate putting a watermark, or signature of some kind on a photograph. Here are a few ways to insert a signature without purchasing an expensive program.

The first and easiest method is using paint. You can simply open the photograph in paint which is available with most PCs and use the text box tool to insert text. Depending on the resolution of the photograph you will want to change the size of the font. Using this method you can also choose the color and style of the font used. Here is an example using paint.
Flavor blasted goldfish, Oreos, and Pineapple still life

This photo is a modernized still life of college nutritional habits.

The next method will require you to have an account with Picasaweb. If you have a Google account just sign into Picasa with your info, and you will automatically have access to this tool, if not sign up for a free account. Picasa is both a downloadable and online software for editing photos produced by Google. You can set an option to automatically place a signature when uploading to your online album.

Another option is Picknik the online photo editing software by Google. This tool has many more options than the downloadable version, and can work in-sync with picasa. You do not need an account to use this tool. You upload your picture, double click on it to enlarge it. Click the action button, In Picnik you can add text in many more fonts than in paint. Just choose the font you like, the size, and color. If you use a white text you can simulate a water mark available in some of the more expensive software programs.
Flavor blasted goldfish, Oreos, and Pineapple still life

Have fun exploring what you can do to your photos with these free tools.

By Joshua Kirton
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