Friday, December 19, 2014

Time Together

This blog in its first life was a photography blog. Full of pictures with little real content to draw readers back. The purpose of it was to show a little portion of the world I live in. It was  a way to share a bit about my hobby of photography. I have not posted in two and a half years. The original purposes that this blog served have been supplanted and life has brought a number of other important avenues.
I am now in my fifth year of graduate studies. I am a father of two and it is hard to find the opportunity to sit down and to share much about what I am thinking. This blog was never much about what I was thinking, but more about a few highlight of what I was seeing. I think; however, that this blog can be more useful to me and others if it actually has some substance.
Therefore from this time forward I will try to write post with more substance. I will continue to include some of the photographic highlights, but it will try to relate the more important conclusions form those experiences.
To begin with I would actually like to share a photo taken by my wife. I think I have shared it in one form or another in some fashion on this sight. It is a photograph taken at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon in Utah. It was taken four plus years ago. To me this photo represents the beauty of spending time with my family. This was from a trip with my wife in which we shared a delightful afternoon in the Canyon talking and watching the creations of God. The lesson learned here is that a little time can make for long fond memories.
Spanish Fork Canyon Utah windmills at sunset
We still talk about the several times we went up Spanish Fork Canyon together while living in Utah. A bit of time and open earnest conversations was far more important than the location. Photo number two comes form that same trip up the Canyon. It is a bit of red rock formation up one of the side canyons called Diamond Fork.
I hope you enjoy the photos, but more importantly I hope you can take to heart the message that the most important thing you can give another is time. This is what they are going to remember in the long run.
Tonight we went to see Christmas lights as a family. The local hospital sets up a light walk around its pond. We spent time just taking in the sight. My son loved the trucks planes and helicopters. He even thanked God for them in his good night prayer tonight. Its these moments, moments where I took time to spend with my family that I will cherish in the future. I can always find something to fill my time with, I just hope that I can fill it with substance as I will try to do with this blog.
Spanish Fork Canyon Utah Diamond Fork Canyon Red Rock Blue Sky Waves

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